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  • How many people is the minimum to run a Grand Prix?
    The minimum is 10 people.
  • Is it necessary to book a Grand Prix?
    Yes. You can make your reservation here.
  • What kart is recommended based on age?
    You can check all the information about our karts here.
  • What karts race on the big circuit and the children's circuit?
    On the big circuit they run: · Racing · Super · Normal · Junior On the small circuit they run: · Mini
  • What is the minimum age to run?
    The minimum age is 5 years in the children's circuit, and 8 years in the big circuit.
  • Do you have two-seater karts?
    Currently we do NOT have two-seater karts.
  • Do you have karts adapted for people with physical disabilities?
    Currently we do NOT have karts adapted for the disabled.
  • Can I race with my personal kart/ motorcycle / pocket / bike?
    NO. The facilities are for exclusive use for our karts.
  • Is it necessary to booking?
    No bookingis necessary with individual rounds tickets. Bookings are only necessary for the Grand Prix.
  • Do the tickets have an expiration date?
    They have an expiration of 3 months. Tickets purchased in low season cannot be used in high season.
  • I can't buy different tickets
    To buy tickets for different karts, you must make a purchase for each type of kart. You can buy more than one unit of tickets for the same type of kart.
  • Do you have any discounts?
    You can check our promotions here.
  • What schedule do you have?
    You can check our schedule here.
  • Do you have parking?
    Yes, we have free parking.
  • Is it necessary to booking with batch tickets?
    No booking necessary.
  • Is it necessary to book for a Grand Prix?
    Yes. You can make your reservation here.
  • Can the facilities be reserved for a race with a private vehicle?
    No. The facilities are exclusive for the use of our karts.
  • Do you organize birthdays?
    We currently do not organize birthday events. The facilities do not have a room adapted for celebrations, nor do they have a catering or food refrigeration service.
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